What We Do

Every member of our team is certified in vehicle extrication. We also have an underwater recovery team including under ice rescue and water rescue. Most members are also certified searchers. Over the years, members of the squad have come from a variety of backgrounds, including firefighters, high angle experts, confined space workers and EMT’s.

Vehicle Extracation

Ice & Water Rescue

Search and Rescue

Unmanned Air Vehicle
(UAV) Services including thermal imagery
Individual Specializations
Advanced Care Paramedics
Primary Care Paramedics
Emergency Medical Responder
First Responder
team specializations

Underwater Recovery Team
Water & Ice Team

service area

Living by our motto, “Competence in adversity, and compassion for all.”, our dedicated members respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Lloydminster Rescue Squad serves an approximate 2200km2, providing Emergency Services within the RM of Britannia, County of Vermilion River and assistance in the Lloydminster city limits. This includes RR 23 South to 619, North to 514, the RM of Britannia, Grid road 797 (road after Frenchman Butte bridge) 14km east.

Additional coverage is provided outside of the immediate service area for cases requiring specialty rescue and recovery.


Responding in Times of Need and Saving Lives

2 Fully Equipped Rescue Units

A one ton diesel truck equipped for motor vehicle accidents, including auxiliary pole lighting which can be utilized to illuminate an entire scene and two sets of jaws that can be removed and operated remotely.
And let’s not forget the generators, auxiliary lighting, portable radios, cell phones, GPS, traffic control, any many other miscellaneous but necessary rescue services and tools required to provide effective search and rescue service.

Other Equipment

3 Command Trucks
2 side by side units
1 Zodiac Boat
1 tote side scan sonar
1 Underwater search recovery boat
Jaws of life – used to spread or crush
Cutters – used to cut
Rams – used to push debris away from patient
Drone – used for search and rescue, police assistance
ROV – used for underwater searching, equipped with a claw to latch onto objects.
Airboat – used for water services, can also be driven on land.
stand by for hire

Peace-of-mind for event organizers and their guests.

Event Standby- The presence of quality on-site emergency services provides ‘peace of mind’ to everyone involved and allows guests to focus on the entertainment.

Medical Standby Fee: $1000/day
Includes 2 medics and UTV

speaking engagements

Safety is important to us.

Safety Programs – School Presentations.
We’re educating children and youth for emergency preparedness.